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MÁV Installs 103 Body Cameras to Protect Ticket Inspectors

Fanni Kaszás 2019.09.04.

In addition to the previously installed body cameras, ticket inspectors of the Hungarian Railway System (MÁV-START ) will receive 103 body cameras in September. Inspectors have been using similar tools on several lines in the Mátészalka area, and based on their positive experiences, another major development is in the works.

In addition to the newly installed body cameras and 12 new docking stations, the railway company is also campaigning against attacks on ticket investigators through a public awareness campaign, with assistance from the Intervention Police (SWAT) and security staff. MÁV ticket examiners suffered from insults in 123 cases in 2018 and 48 by the end of August this year, of which 32 were physical assaults (beatings, pushes, scratches, kicks) and one case resulted in injuries with lasting damage.

photo: MÁV-Start

József Kerékgyártó, Managing Director of MÁV-START Zrt., said that the company was one of the first “in Hungary to build a nationwide mobile camera recording system to protect and ensure the safety of its employees and to prevent attacks on ticket investigators. The total cost of the camera system is 49 million HUF, which includes 103 cameras with full IT backgrounds and docking stations installed in 12 locations.”

Most of the devices will be used on the Cegléd, Vác, and Esztergom lines, as the most atrocities occurred on the suburban lines in the Budapest area. Typically, perpetrators want to travel without a ticket or with an invalid or transferred ticket.

MTI/Kovács Tamás

Developed by Dahua Technology to meet the needs of MÁV, the MPT210-4X is a body camera also used in law enforcement, that delivers full HD quality videos for up to 8 hours of operation. SOS recording can be started with a button, and the device captures footage of the previous 20 seconds as well. The data is stored in encrypted form, protected by a password, and only the police will be able to access it.

MÁV-Start hopes to help the work of ticket inspectors and decrease the number of attacks and assaults on its employees with the use of the newly installed devices and docking locations. As a result of the previous use of body cameras, the number of cases of abuse has declined since December 2018, and the company expects a further decrease by the implementation of the system.