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MasterCard Survey: Budapest Could Become Region’s Top Tourist Destination


Budapest is the third most popular travel destination in the East-Central European region, an survey carried out by MasterCard, based on the estimated number of visitors in tge given year, has revealed. An overview of statistics for previous years also suggests that Budapest is the second fastest-growing city with regard to the number of visitors and could become the region’s most sought-after travel destination in the near future.
Acording to MasterCard, close to 3.2 million visitors will arrive to the Hungarian capital in 2015, which represents a 1.3 per cent increase compared to the previous year. With this result, Budapest towers above cities such as Brussels and Moscow – the Hungarian capital is ranked 41st among the 132 examined metropolises in the world, 16th in Europe and third in the region, overtaken only by Vienna and Prague.

“The Austrian and Czech capitals bear a great similarity to Budapest, with regard to its size, architecture and infrastructure alike. We think that its only a matter a time before Hungary catches up with them; what’s more, Budapest has a good chance of become the  region’s top destinations, because it continues to boast the low price levels that make it appealing to many. Hungary also has a well-established network of bank card-accepting businesses, making it unnecessary to change currency”, Endre Eölyüs, MasterCard’s head in Hungary, said.

Tourists spend an average of HUF 98 000 during their stay in Budapest, half the amount raked out by visitors to the Austrian capital Vienna.