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Marilyn Manson Coming Back to Budapest

By Tom Szigeti // 2016.12.07.

Marilyn Manson, the controversial American musician known for his deliberately provocative lyrics and performances, will be in concert in Budapest for the first time in 8 years next July. Tickets are available from this Friday. Manson’s new album was announced approximately a year ago, and is going to be released on Valentine’s Day. The album’s name is SAY10, and will debut at Budapest Park on July 20th.

Manson was last in Hungary 8 years ago, and at that time the appearance of the hard rock musician was quite scandalous. The Bishop of Győr made a statement against his attendance at the VOLT festival, and encourages the believers to start fasting against him, and his music. The diocese of Győr accused Manson of Satanism, and in a statement they highlighted claims that the band spread hatred against Christianity. They placed the announcement in several churches in the area, but locals did not seem interested in the occasion. The elderly population had not even heard about the musician, and mostly they did not know about the lyrics or the philosophy behind it.

At the time, then, Manson’s visit to Hungary was quite a big media circus, but times have changed. Marilyn Manson and the subculture he represents are less popular and influential than they were in the past, and this,perhaps, partially explains why he is not receiving much media attention this time.  Manson has also made a career shift since his last visit to Budapest, and has started to shoot movies. He received his first big role in an independent picture called Let Me Make You a Martyr, in which he is going to play a hit man.


Image via Wikimedia Commons