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Margaret Island Gets Lego Sculptures To Replace Stolen Artefacts

Ferenc Sullivan 2014.12.30.

Two recently stolen sculptures, depicting renowned Hungarian artists Miklós Izsó and Fülöp Ö. Beck, can once again be seen on the so-called Promenade of Artists on Budapest’s Margaret Island.

It took Balázs Dóczy, leader of a group called Kockaműhely or “Cube Workshop” which specialises in creating sculptures and ornate structures out of Lego bricks, three weeks to reconstruct the missing sculptures.

The Lego sculptures are built out of eight thousand Lego bricks each, stuck to eachother with a special glue. The solution is only intended to be interim as the municipal authority is planning to replace the original artworks next year – so hurry if you want to see the unusual busts before the originals are put back in place or get stolen too!

via travelo.hu
photo: MTI/Tibor Illyés