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“Friends Forever”- March 23rd, the Day of Hungarian-Polish Friendship

Hungary Today 2020.03.23.

Today is the day of the Polish-Hungarian Friendship that originates from nearly 1,000 years of historical, political, and cultural ties.

It was back in 2007- one year after the first public symbol of the friendship between the two countries was inaugurated in Győr- when both the Polish and Hungarian parliaments declared the 23rd of March as the memorial day of the Polish-Hungarian friendship.

Common history dates back to the first millenium, as both states were founded and converted to Christianity at about the same time, and the two state-founder dynasties, the Árpád House and the Piast dynasty had a good relationship. Famed Hungarian king, St. Ladislaus (Szent László), for example, was half Polish and was born in Poland as well.

In the 14th Century, the Hungarian king Louis the Great (Nagy Lajos) inherited the Polish throne and then ruled both countries separately at different points of  his life. In addition, after his death, his daughter Jadwiga became the first queen of Poland.

In 1576, the people of Poland elected another Hungarian to the Polish throne, Transylvanian prince István Báthory. Then, in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848/1849, Polish General Józef Bem (‘Bem Apó’) became a national hero of both countries.

The stormy 20th century hadn’t lacked cooperation or mutual aid either. During the Polish–Soviet War (1919–21), Hungary was the only one to offer aid, that included ammunition and arms, for the Polish. Hungary also accepted more than 100,000 Polish refugees after their country’s collapse in 1939. Then, at the time of the 1956 Revolution, first the Hungarians demonstrated an expression of solidarity with the Polish, and then after the outbreak of fighting, the Polish pledged solidarity and offered help that ranged from munitions and supplies to blood donation. This new video commemorates the friendship of the two nations from this aspect:

Currently, the friendship is reflected in ceremonies, cultural events, and countless partnerships between various municipalities of the two countries.

featured image via valasz.hu