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March 15 – Karácsony: Budapest ‘a Rebellious City’ Again, as in 1848

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.15.

Budapest is “a rebellious city” again, as it was in 1848, since it amounts to a rebellion that its residents took a stand in favour of freedom, equality and fraternity again in the municipal election last October, Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony said in a video message posted on Facebook on Sunday.

“It is not only the threat of the epidemic that deprives us of a joyful celebration”, Karácsony said. “When reading the twelve points of the 1848 revolution, we may have had the unsettling feeling for years how relevant these demands are, in fact, how they have become even more so(in recent years),” he added.

1848-2020: Hungarian National Sovereignty and the EU

Karácsony said “thirty years ago we wanted these things to change and yet, the message of this peaceful, joyful and patriotic holiday seems to be getting farther away from us, maybe farther away than it was in 1989/90”.

On this day, we wear the national colours over our hearts to remind ourselves and teach our children that we are as one in the most important things, our language and culture, our past and present, our failures and successes”

Karácsony said March 15 is a symbol of the idea that national sovereignty and social progress are not mutually exclusive, but mutually reinforcing concepts, adding that 1848 was simultaneously a rebellion of the progressive elite and the deprived masses.

There and then, a social unity that we still desperately need was born. Especially now, in the midst of trouble, during the epidemic, when it is as clear as daylight that our destinies are bound together, here in this country as in every part of the world”

The Budapest City Council cancelled the municipal celebration of the March 15 national holiday more than a week ago because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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