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Man Arrested for Leaking Matriculation Exam

Péter Cseresnyés 2019.05.13.

After a quick two-day investigation, the police have identified and arrested the man responsible for leaking the essay topics from the intermediate level history exam.

The 40-year-old typographical employee has been questioned as a suspect by the police. He is currently charged with a “breach of classified information.” During the interrogation, he admitted to the charge. However, evidence collection is still ongoing.

History Matriculation Exam Topics Reportedly Leaked Day Before Exam

On 8 May, after the History Matriculation Exam took place, rumors about the leaked essay topics quickly began to spread. Many believed that students from all over the country knew about the essay questions at least one day prior to the exam. Later, a screenshot of a Facebook message containing the exact essay topics appeared on the internet. At the time, nobody knew whether it was real or fake.

After the Educational Authority became aware of the alleged leak, it contacted the police and filed a complaint against the unknown person(s).

Photo by Zoltán Mihádák/MTI