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What Makes Foreigners To Learn Hungarian? – Summer Language School At The Balassi Institute

Tamás Székely 2016.08.24.

Those young students who attend the four-week summer Hungarian language school of the Balassi Institute, can learn Hungarian fluently in one or two years, a report by news portal points out. It requires strong self-determination to learn Hungarian indeed, however those foreigners who have learnt the language successfully prove it is not impossible at all, the article says.

Most of the student of the Balassi Institute are good at learning foreign languages, everybody can speak English and/or other big languages in their group as part of their everyday life. Those who also choose a “small” language such as Hungarian, are rather inspired by personal experience, they often have some Hungarian roots or just feel sympathy towards Hungarian culture and Hungary.

“What is important to learn another language and culture, it doesn’t matter how many people use it around the world”, says one of the students, Nguyen Dinh Tant from Vietnam. At the same time Katherine Király, who comes from Brazil where her grandparents moved to in the 1930s, said she enrolled to the summer school with the aim to move back and find a job in Hungary in the future. Nicholas Boros from Cleveland (USA) says, however, he will not move back to Hungary, but as a descendant of 1956 emigrants he has always been fond of Hungarian culture.

Maher Abdulazim Gaber Nasef, a tourist guide from Egypt, admits he decided to learn Hungarian to communicate more effectively with Hungarian visitors of his homeland. Yasemin Kum from Turkey said she attended the course because “learning Hungarian is a great challange”. “This is why this language is unique and nice”, she added. “It is difficult only in the beginning”, according to Iranian student Seyyed Amir Vafaei. He is a PhD student currently at the St. Stephen University of Gödöllő and he thinks, one can show respect towards a country if he or she attempts to learn the language of the locals.