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Made In Erdély: A Brand Is In The Making – Made In Transylvania

By Robert Velkey // 2016.06.13.

The Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc, Romania) based Székely termékek (Szekler brands) brand group is undertaking the mission to spread the world with products from Transylvania, the ethnic Hungarian-populated region in the heart of Hungary’s eastern neighbour. The aim is to use the living traditions and make quality products. In line with Transyvlania’s rich agricultural traditions and top-class soil, the Székely termékek (Szekler Brands) brand would like to assist small producers and farmers to reach the broader markets.


Connected to tourism, they will advertise the products on regional and international professional markets too. They will establish local processing plants in Transylvania to collect and make the products. They believe that in a collaboration with the local farmers, they can make the products made in Transylvania a real brand across Europe.

Many brands that were born in Transylvania could break out from the local costumer’s society but could reach international markets too. In the series Made in Erdély these are in the spotlight.

In the next season, you can hear about the Diószegi Bakery. They are not only better but 5 times larger than the other bakeries in Covasna county (Romania). They built the brand up in a few years, and started to transport their products to other counties and then they reached the market of London, UK. If you are interested about that how did they do watch this season about the successful bakery what was the winner of the Bread of Romania prize in 2009. By the way, do you know what is the bread making process?

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In the series Made in Erdély, you can watch the stories of other successful brands such as Esztány bags, the teas and medicinal herbs of Macalik or the dress workshop from Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc, Romania).