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Luxembourgish Foreign Minister: PM Orbán Will Win Migrant Quota Referendum

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.05.09.

The Hungarian Prime Minister “will win this referendum” but the European Union will “die” if community matters are decided via popular vote, Luxembourg’s foreign minister has said concerning the Hungarian government’s proposed referendum on the European Union’s mandatory migrant quotas.

Speaking in the weekend programme of the German national state broadcaster ARD, the Grand Duchy’s left-wing foreign minister explained that “Viktor Orbán in Hungary is holding a referendum and says that not a single migrant can come to Hungary”. The Prime Minister “will win this referendum”, possibly causing other member states to follow suit. If this happens, “we can throw the European Convention on Human Rights on the garbage dump”, the Socialist politician claimed.

If processes unfolding over the past ten years continue, a “core Europe” will come into being and countries unwilling to proceed at this “speed” will have to be satisfied with “another significance” in decision-making, he added.

“We cannot accept the abolishment of solidarity in the European Union and every country has to answer “yes or no” in this question, he said, arguing that if a country claims that “there is no need for Schengen, the euro, free movement, solidarity, structural and cohesion funds”, it has to be recognised that EU member states can be turned into a “closed institution”.

via mandiner.hu
photo: alfahir.hu