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Love Your Roots – Preparations Under Way for Gyökerek Tábor, A Perfect Vacation for Hungarian Children from Around the World

By Robert Velkey // 2017.04.24.

Roots Camp (in Hungarian: Gyökerek Tábor) is a summer camp where Hungarian children living abroad in the territories, which were torn from the country during the world wars, among financially and socially disadvantaged circumstances, can spend ten days in their motherland, Hungary.

The main aim is to give the children a perfect vacation, where they can explore their culture in a playful way. During the week they visit the Castle of Buda, the Parliament, the National Gallery, etc. If the weather is nice they can swim in Lake Balaton.  Besides Budapest they also have a daytrip to Esztergom, Visegrád, and Tihany.

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“Not only the cultural values are important for us, but also we would like to help them to recognise their own values. We try to ensure them a safe place where they can experience the feeling of unconditional acceptance and love. We are trying to teach them to trust each other and the adults, and show them that life is full of with opportunities, they just have to be open-minded. We put a great emphasis on personal attention and motivation, our motto is “Do good, because you can!”, and we would like to persuade the children to take this attitude home”, writes the Roots Camp’s press release.


The camp is organised annually by the current and former students of the Saint Ignatius Jesuit College and their friends. Organizers have ‘relationship managers’: teachers, priests from little villages outside the Hungarian border. They know families, with financially problematic background, where Roots Camp is the only chance for the children to travel to Hungary. The organisation of the camp starts in September, and the crew work the preparaton by monthly meetings to get everything ready for the summer. Their task prior the camp is mainly financial issue, so they have to collect the money for the camp from different kinds of sources, like from the Jesuits, such as they apply for some money to non-profit organizations and fortunately many civils and friends donate for the organization as well.


In each year, they meet more than thirty children. Thirty different personalities, with different life stories. Some of them don’t even have the opportunity to eat three times a day, or to have shower daily. While spending more than a week among these children they also learn a lot from them about modesty, humbleness, and happiness.

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Upcoming, this summer camp will be held between 6th July – 16th July 2017. Until the camp they are working on preparation and fundraising. They can’t organise a camp only with enthusiastic volunteers. The organizsers are launching a crowdfunding campaign, to ensure the financial background. If you feel like supporting their work you can help them through the website: 

For more information visit the camp’s homepage:

via: Press Release of Gyökerek Tábor