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Love Affair In Budapest: “Time Machine” Norwegian Movie Offers Insight Into Seventies Budapest

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.03.08.

Love Affair in Budapest… It seems not only the Jethro Tull had been sucked in by the whirlpool of emotions thanks for the Hungarian capital within the song called Budapest. There is a short movie made by Norwegian Public Televison in 1973 called: Stevnemøte i Budapest (Love Affair in Budapest).

Come with us and join to a vintage time travel to the Budapest of the 1970s. Get a taste of the good old days… dress up in your vest or long skirt and let’s dance or just listen to the famous Hungarian (retro) swing, jazz, rock ’n roll Bergendy Band. If you like retro or you’re interested in the Hungary of the Seventies please take your seat in the time machine.

The beautiful singer Kati Kovács will guide us around the city’s best places… let’s go out to the Várkert Bazár, or the Castle, come have a tasty daaaark espresso in a historical café and visit a Jazz Ballet show on the board of a cruise on the Danube. Sounds good? Click on the link: