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Louis C. K.: “World’s Funniest Hungarian” To Visit Budapest In Late August – Tickets For Sale!


World-famous multitalented American comedian Louis C. K. is to appear in Budapest in late August in what promises to be the highest-rated stand-up comedy event in the country so far.

The original schedule of his tour, announced this spring, still didn’t feature the Hungarian capital; tickets for the gig in Prague in the Czech Republic, the location nearest to Hungary, sold out in a matter of hours. Tickets for the English-language comedy show, which will feature neither subtitles nor interpretation, are available on vendor’s website at prices ranging from HUF 11 000 to HUF 27 000, depending on the location of seating.

Better known by his stage name – which is the approximate English pronounciation of his Hungarian surname Székely, the coedian is most famous for the acclaimed FX comedy-drama series “Louie”. His Hungarian family-name is no coincidence: the Washington D. C.-born star’s  paternal grandfather, Dr. Géza Székely Schweiger, was a Jewish Hungarian surgeon whose family emigrated to Mexico, where he met his Catholic wife; out of their marriage, his father Luis Székely was born.

His name became known in the comedy profession in the early 1990s and became well-known after a couple of dead-ends – such as the HBO series “Lucky Louie” with his outspoken, humanist stand-up performances based on day-to-day experiences by the 2000s. A pioneering figure in the US entertainment industry, he was not only the protagonist of his FX series “Louie”, launched in 2009, but also directed, wrote and edited the show, for which he received only minimal funding but complete creative freedom from the channel.

The series, which regularly features unrelated scenes, has so far won two Emmy awards; interestingly, its latest season has featured New York-based Hungarian musician and actress Eszter Bálint as C. K.’s girlfriend.

The world-famous comedian’s show will be staged at the Budapest Congress Centre on 27 August from 19:00pm.

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