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Looking For Student Accommodation In Budapest? Get Your Wallet Ready!

Tamás Székely 2017.07.26.

Student rental accommodation in Budapest is being advertised for a monthly 150,000 forints (EUR 490) on average, according to estate agents. 

In Budapest, rents vary from district to district, with flats in the central fifth district going for 228,000 (EUR 745) per month while further away from downtown the price drops to around 90,000 forints (EUR 294), said in a statement. Students flats in Szeged, in south-east Hungary, will cost around 90,000 forints a month while in Pécs (SW) and Debrecen (E) around 82,000 forints is the going rate. In Miskolc, in the north-east, rents are typically 68,000 forints.

Students will find out later on Wednesday where they will begin their studies and this will influence rents in the capital and other cities. The rapidly increasing rental prices of the recent years have placed huge burden on Hungarian families, as the average monthly net wage in Hungary is in the region of 200.000 forints.

via MTI and; featured photo: Balázs Székelyhidi –