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Look On The Pots: It Is Lunch Time At The Bocuse d’Or Festival In Budapest

Robert Velkey 2016.05.11.

The European final of Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most prestigious contest of chefs, has begun in Budapest. This is the first time Hungary is hosting the contest’s continental event. There are altogether 20 chefs competing with each other in two days. Let’s have a look on the hot plates in lunch time at the tasty competition.

At the moment the venison and fish meals are under plating on the competition. However, about 40 minutes remains until the Hungarian plate will be presented but the Swiss and Dutch plates are “frightfully” amazing.


“Comment Ça va?” (what’s up) may Laurent Lemal French chef ask his assistant  Léa Fageol in a burning moment of the hot competition.

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“Tout bien” (all right) may Léa answer when they will plating the first dishes.


Hopefully, he is not in love at the moment…

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According to a popular hungarian belief; if the meal is salted too much, that means the cook is in love… Tamás Széll the Hungarian chef hopefully pondering about the quantity of peppers and not about the smiles of a blonde girl at the moment.


The international jury has already started to the evaluating tasting.


Here you can read the list of the jury members:

  • Rudolf Obauer, Restaurant Hotel Obauer, Werfen, Ausztria
  • Peter Goosens, Hof Van Cleve, 3*, Kruishoutem, Belgium
  • Andre Tokey, Restaurant Andre, Szófia, Bulgária
  • Damir Crleni, Hotel Turist, 3*, Varaždin, Horvátország
  • Francis Cardenau, Umami, Le Sommelier, Koppenhága, Dánia
  • Dimitri Demjanov, Restaurant Gloria, Észt Kulináris Intézet, Észtország
  • Pekka Terävä, Restaurant Olo, 1*, Helsinki, Finnország
  • François Adamski executive séf, L’Imaginaire, Terrasson, Franciaország
  • Patrick Jaros, Foodlook Studio GbmH, Köln, Németország
  • Szulló Szabina executive séf, Onyx*, Budapest, Magyarország
  • Sturla Birgisson, Borg Restaurant, Reykjavík, Izland
  • Giancarlo Perbellini, Casa Perbellini, Verona, Olaszország
  • Jonnie Boer, De Librije, 3*, Zwolle, Hollandia
  • Lars-Erik Underthun, Feinschmecker, Oslo, Norvégia
  • Sergey Eroshenko, Chestnaya Kuhnya Restaurant, Moszkva, Oroszország
  • Adolfo Muñoz, Restaurante Adolfo, Toledo, Spanyolország
  • Henrik Norström, Lux Dag för Dag, Stockholm, Svédország
  • Armin Fuchs, Centre de Formation Professionnelle, Bienne, Svájc
  • Rudolf G.P.M Van Nunen, Rudolf Restaurant, Isztambul, Törökország
  • Brian Turner, Bognor Regis, 1*, West Sussex, Egyesült Királyság


Perhaps, already they get bored with the joke; Hey, Hungary are you hungry? But actually…yes we are hungry to the first place of the competition.


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They are the Hungarian Team: Tamás Széll the chef, Kevin Szabó the helper, and Frigyes Vomberg the preparatory


The Hungexpo is fulfilled with supporter fans during the competition. Every participant nation’s cooking team has a supporter group…





via: origo.hu; mti.hu

photos: nepszava.hu; facebook.com/magyarbocusedorakademia; Tamás Kovács / MTI