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Locomotive GT Will Not Run Anymore – Without Tamás Somló The Band Will Not Play Again

Robert Velkey 2016.09.05.

„It [LGT-editor] doesn’t work without Tamás Somló” announced the LGT after the death of the iconic singer of the band.

However hard it is to say, and write the we three János Karácsony, Gábor Presser and János Solti as the members of the LGT would like to announce the fact, after the death of Tamás Somló that, we will not reunite and step on the stage again. Tomi is unreplaceable, and we will not to try to find a substitude instead of him, said Gábor Presser in his Facebook statement.

“Thanks for you all who supported and liked us, for you who visited our concerts and collected our songs. It was amazing to play for you.” – wrote Presser in the name of the band.


The 68 years old singer, composer Tamás Somló died after a long illness. His greatest success was the LGT band, beside that he was member of the iconic Hungarian rock band Omega as well. Tamás Somló had solo records also: “Som-ló”, “Semmi crqsz”, “Egy adag somlói”.  To read more about Tamás Somló click here.