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Local Government Election Date Announced


János Áder, President of Hungary, has announced the official date of the coming local government election, reported news agency MTI. The election is set to take place on October 12 as the National Election Office has began its preparations.

Áder in the announcement statement said that “local governments of our towns, cities and counties are pillars of our modern democracy. The principle of local government is a constitutional value, which is based on the democratic will of local communities.” The president also wrote about the importance of a clean election and great voter turnout.

According to the official registry nearly 8 million citizens with Hungarian residence will receive the letter of registry after August 15. Those who do not receive the notification can ask for it at a notary, at the local election office. The campaign period for the local government election is set to begin 50 days before election day, namely August 23, and should last until the 19:00 on election day.

Candidates have to send their list for registration to constituency offices, where they will be evaluated within four days. Candidate lists can be sent until September 9, 16:00. Those who would like to vote in another constituency can do so if they ask for a re-registry until October 10. (MTI)

Photo: Tibor Racskó