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Local Elections – Polling Stations Close Nationwide

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.10.13.

Polling stations in Hungary’s 2019 local elections closed at 7pm on Sunday.

The country’s electorate, some 8.025 million voters, had the opportunity to cast their ballots at 10,278 municipal and 2,188 ethnic minority polls in 3,177 cities, towns and villages since 6am.

Voters still waiting in line to cast their ballot may still vote.

After the vote, polling committees will open the boxes and count the votes, including the portable boxes with the votes of invalid or disabled people who had indicated their wish to vote at home. Votes are totted up according to both party lists and individual candidates. The votes will be counted at least twice and results forwarded to the local election office.

The election office is expected to publish the preliminary results of the election on Monday, although it will be clear by midnight how the various parties and candidates will have performed.

In Hungary’s eighth local ballot since the change in political system in 1990, local mayors, municipal assembly and minority representatives in public-administrative districts, as well as the mayor of Budapest and its districts, are being elected to a five-year term.

Featured photo illustration by János Vajda/MTI