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Local Election – Jobbik Promises More Places in Old Age Homes

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.09.12.

Opposition Jobbik promises an immediate increase in the capacity of old age homes as part of its programme for the upcoming local council elections.

Ruling Fidesz has neglected old people and old-age care has deteriorated over the past few years, party leader Tamás Sneider told a press conference on Wednesday.

More than 26,000 elderly people are waiting to be admitted to retirement homes and twice as many should be given access to such services, he added.

Everyone realises “except for the government” that the ageing of society poses several new problems, he said. Hungary currently has 420,000 citizens aged over 80 as against 260,000 in 1990, he added.

Sneider also noted that support for food supplies granted on the basis of social need has been unchanged at monthly 55,000 forints (EUR 165) for eight years despite growing food prices.

He also said that financial rewards for people working in old-age services were record-low and the system was on the verge of collapse because of the increasing labour shortage.