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LMP Urges Gov’t to Support Local SMEs instead of Multinationals

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.02.24.

The opposition LMP party on Monday called for measures that would “create balance” in the Hungarian economy by giving more support to SMEs than to multinational companies.

Multinational companies and a couple of large businesses linked to the government receive substantial central support while their small and medium-sized suppliers are “exploited”, a party lawmaker told a press conference.

This could “pose a serious problem in the instance of an economic crisis,” Márta Demeter said.

She called on the government to change its economic policy and give priority and more support to Hungarian SMEs that employ 70 percent of the country’s workforce, she said.

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LMP calls for reducing the tax and administration burden on SMEs and “eliminate the tax evasion practices of multinational companies”, Demeter said.

In the featured photo: LMP MP Márta Demeter. Photo via Márta Demeter’s Facebook page