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LMP to Vote Against Sargentini Report

Miklós Halász-Szabó 2018.09.11.

The Hungarian people should not be punished for the government’s grave mistakes; for this reason, the green opposition LMP will vote against the Sargentini report in the European Parliament on Wednesday, László Lórant Keresztes, the party’s co-leader and parliamentary group leader, said on Tuesday.

“LMP has asked its European lawmaker (Tamás Meszerics) to vote against the report”, he said.

The LMP board has scrutinised the report by the EP’s civil liberties committee on the rule of law in Hungary and whether the country should be subjected to a process under Article 7 that could ultimately strip it of its voting rights in the European Union. It concluded that much of the criticism is well-founded and justified, but the report is often “superficial and ideological”, he said.

Problems concerning the rule of law in Hungary should be handled internally, Keresztes said. LMP cannot support any procedure putting Hungary at risk of being stripped of its voting rights. It would be unacceptable if Hungary were unable to protect its interests in issues such as the EU budget or free trade agreements, he added.

via MTI