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LMP: Paks Upgrade ‘Worst Deal of the Century’

Hungary Today 2018.11.20.

Green opposition LMP considers the Paks 2 nuclear power plant expansion project the “worst deal of the century” and recommends that the government should cancel the agreement it signed with Russia on the upgrade, one of the party’s lawmakers said on Tuesday.

Commenting on press reports on the potential sacking of János Süli, the minister in charge of the upgrade project, Péter Ungár told a press conference that both the ministerial post and the project itself were unnecessary to begin with. He said the government should instead set up a ministry that would be in charge of cancelling the upgrade project and the credit agreement with Russia.

Ungár said the estimate that the new power plant will not be ready until 2032 showed that LMP had been right about Paks 2 being “the worst deal of the century”.

The politician said it was now clear that contrary to the government’s assurances, the two power plants would not be operating simultaneously, which he said would make the project even more expensive for Hungary. Ungár said this way the investment would be akin to every Hungarian family taking up a rouble-denominated loan of one million forints.

“This investment has failed in every way,” Ungár said.

Commenting on the government’s argument that the Paks 2 project is a means to securing cheap electricity and utility fee cuts, Ungár said there was no way to know how the expansion would affect electricity prices. He added that the total cost of the project was also an unknown.

via MTI

featured image  Balázs Ivándi-Szabó