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New LMP Co-chair Candidate Plans to Form New Bloc Without MSZP and DK

Ábrahám Vass 2020.08.26.

Green-centrist LMP’s board secretary Máté Kanász-Nagy announced he would run for the party’s co-chair post at the upcoming leadership election congress. The young politician promises more dynamic green policies and closer relationship to those opposition parties not involved in the Socialist-Liberal (MSZP-SZDSZ) governance before the Fidesz takeover in 2010.

Kanász-Nagy, aged 33, will challenge current co-chair János Kendernay. He entered LMP in 2010, and has been moving his way up ever since. At the moment, he is the party’s spokesman and board secretary. In addition, after beating ruling Fidesz’s candidate in his constituency at the 2019 local elections, he also serves as the new mayor’s deputy in Budapest’s 4th district (Újpest).

In response to Azonnali (a portal partly owned by LMP MP Péter Ungár), he promises a more dynamic, youthful leadership and more energetic communication. In his view, he could give new momentum to the party and to the opposition cooperation as a whole. As to the latter, he said he welcomed the opposition’s compromise, which as he sees it, would soon undergo a blocking process in which LMP’s allies would be those parties not involved in the governance before 2010 (Jobbik, Momentum, and Párbeszéd).

He also praised incumbent co-chair Kendernay for having “stabilized” the party after last year’s turbulences. In Kanász-Nagy’s view, however, the party now needs to change gears.

Established in 2009, LMP performed best at the 2010 general elections when they gained 7.48%, while at the peak their popularity neared 10%. Early voluntary or forced departures (first those who eventually established Párbeszéd in 2012, then strongmen, such as that of András Schiffer and co-presidents Bernadett Szél and Ákos Hadházy) definitely made an impact, and the party failed to make a breakthrough over time.

Internal conflicts and scandals which peaked after the 2018 general elections (where the party once again surpassed 7%), resulted in its popularity rock-bottoming at the last EP elections (gaining only 2.18%) and its mere existence has been put in doubt. Although recent polls show that it perhaps left the bottom, it is still far from the 5% threshold.

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LMP’s leadership election congress will be held on Sunday. For the other (female) co-chair post no contest is expected, as, in the time of writing, incumbent Erzsébet Schmuck is the only applicant.

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