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LMP: Govt’s Strategic Partner Suzuki Breaks Law with Impunity

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.12.

The opposition LMP party has said it is “unacceptable” that a multinational company which has a strategic partnership with Hungary’s government “is breaking Hungarian laws” and making trade union endeavours impossible to carry out.

The Hungarian Suzuki company last week laid off a worker just after he had been elected secretary of a newly formed trade union of metalworkers.

Antal Csárdi, a lawmaker of the green party, said at a press conference on Tuesday that it was not the first time that Suzuki had fallen foul of Hungarian laws and he demanded that the government respond to the company’s alleged transgressions.

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He said that without the enforcement of worker rights there will be no demographic turnabout.

Meanwhile, addressing criticism of LMP’s readiness to cooperate with nationalist party Jobbik, Csárdi said Jobbik was undergoing major change and it was time “to stop demonising Jobbik”. It is necessary to work with them, he added.

on the featured photo: Antal Csárdi. Photo by