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The co-leader of the opposition LMP party on Wednesday called Hungary and Poland’s veto of the European Union’s seven-year budget a “historic sin”, and said that the Hungarian government was “ready to sacrifice lives for power by holding the budget to ransom”.

Erzsébet Schmuck told an online press conference that the two governments, while demanding full access to EU funding, wanted to avoid scrutiny of rule of law violations. They violate EU treaties and “selfishly harm families, companies and citizens in Europe, and in Hungary.”

“If the Orbán government truly think they have nothing to fear, they shouldn’t be terrified of reviews of rule of law regulations,” Schmuck said.

Opposition on Orbán's Veto: 'Betrayal, Historic Crime, Blackmail'
Opposition on Orbán's Veto: 'Betrayal, Historic Crime, Blackmail'

Opposition parties are on the same page in harshly criticizing the Fidesz-led Hungarian government for vetoing the EU budget and coronavirus recovery package over the rule of law issue. According to them, if the Prime Minister would seriously veto the plan, Viktor Orbán’s move would “endanger the livelihoods of many,” only in order to “secure […]Continue reading

Schmuck slammed ruling Fidesz for legislation passed recently, after the government’s special powers were prolonged in view of the coronavirus pandemic. She insisted that Fidesz’s “definition of the rule of law includes putting their hands on all important positions and amending the constitution amid a crisis.”

featured image via Tibor Illyés/MTI