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LMP: Govt Should Take Genuine Measures Instead of Sending Nice Messages

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.03.20.

The co-leader of opposition LMP said the government should “take genuine measures” that support the livelihoods of Hungarian families and businesses instead of “sending nice messages” at a press conference on Facebook on Saturday.

Máté Kanász-Nagy said the government had “lost control since the weekend of vaccine chaos” and failed to take the measures called for in the difficult situation at hand.

He said LMP continues to push for full sick pay for people who have to stay at home because of the coronavirus, and it wants 100 percent wage support for all affected sectors. He added that businesses in trouble should get support to pay their bills, while companies forced to close because of pandemic restrictions should get subsidies to re-open.

He said job-seekers’ benefits should be extended to nine months.

featured image: Máté Kanász-Nagy; via Facebook