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Opposition LMP has called on the government to “come clean” and reveal how much funding it is planning to “take away from local councils”.

LMP co-leader Máté Kanász-Nagy said on Friday that the government should also drop plans to suspend the local business tax and provide substantial help for municipalities and households instead.

Suspending business tax payments would deprive municipalities of revenues, “forcing some of them to turn off street lighting, close kindergartens or stop public transport,” he insisted. He also said that small and medium-sized businesses would benefit more from “targeted forms of assistance” such as interest-free loans than from the business tax exemption.

Karácsony: Gov't Aims to 'Shackle' Local Governments to Cover Up Its Failures
Karácsony: Gov't Aims to 'Shackle' Local Governments to Cover Up Its Failures

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony on Monday accused the government of trying to “strip local governments of their agency” to cover up the “failures” of its handling of the economic crisis. Karácsony cited a survey by the (leftist) Závecz research group in a Facebook post, saying that the opposition would win the election if it were […]Continue reading

Kanász-Nagy noted that the idea of suspending the business tax had come from the chamber of commerce “weeks ago” and criticised the government for its reluctance to take a clear position on the matter. “How long more do they want to keep us in uncertainty?” he asked.

featured image via Kanász-Nagy- Facebook