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LMP Calls on New EC to Treat Climate Change as Top Priority

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.07.18.

The opposition LMP party expects the new European Commission to “pay increased attention to aspects of climate protection in all areas”, LMP co-leader János Kendernay told a press conference on Thursday.

The party, which has failed to clear the European Parliament’s threshold in the recent election, also expects the EC to reduce the gap between core EU members and countries “on the quasi-outskirts” of the community, Kendernay said.

Large international companies “abuse their weight” to the detriment of countries in the latter category, such as Hungary, while “centre” countries “siphon off the most valuable labour force” from the region, he insisted.

LMP lawmaker Péter Ungár suggested that new members of the EC should “in no way be associated” with lobbyists of multinationals “unlike their predecessors”.

Ungár also voiced hope that “Europe’s security policy will prevent Russia or other powers from breaking up (the community’s) unity in terms of energy or foreign policy”.