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LMP Calls for Green Revolution instead of “Stupid Public Work Scheme”

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.05.16.

The opposition LMP believes the government should carry out a green revolution instead of increasing the number of people involved in the “stupid public work scheme” again, said Máté Kanász-Nagy, secretary of the party’s board, at an online press conference broadcast on Facebook on Saturday.

The opposition politician said LMP disagrees with the government’s plan to increase the number of people participating in public work schemes by 100,000 because that would not offer a long-term solution to labour market problems.

LMP calls for a “green reopening” programme instead, Kanász-Nagy said, which would combine the replacement of jobs with environmental aspects.

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He stressed the need for job creation in non-polluting industries. He mentioned as an example that a 200-billion-forint nationwide building energy efficiency programme could upgrade the insulation and heating systems of hundreds of thousands of residential buildings, which would reduce the heating bills of those living there, while creating tens of thousands of stable jobs.

Kanász-Nagy also said that LMP would like to have solar panels installed on the roof of every family house within 5-10 years.

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