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LMP Calls for Common EU Environmental Policy

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.04.18.

LMP sees climate change as the greatest challenge ahead, and its European parliamentary election campaign will focus on the fight for a united, common EU environmental policy, the secretary of the green opposition party’s national board said on Thursday.

“We want a Europe based on sustainable energy that phases out nuclear energy,” Máté Kanász-Nagy told a press conference in Budapest.

The party will also fight to ensure European wages for workers in Hungary, he said. The government should cut taxes on wages and compensate the loss of revenue by taxing multinational companies for pollution, he said.

Many strategic partners of the current government, such as car manufacturers, would come under that heading, he said.

LMP would “slap stiff taxes” on companies setting up plants in green areas or by cutting down trees, Kanász-Nagy said.