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Live From Hungary: Jamie Foxx Streamed Hungarian Counter Terrorism Center’s Dramatic Arrest

By Robert Velkey // 2017.03.24.

“The adventures of Jamie Foxx in Hungary”. It could be the title of a whole series about Jamie Foxx and his unexpected experiences in Hungary.

American actor Jamie Foxx, who arrived in Hungary for the shooting of the new Robin Hood movie, has already entertained a group of partygoers in the downtown of the Hungarian capital, and paid a visit to the training camp of the Hungarian national football team in the village of Telki, 30 kilometres west of Budapest. Something always happens with him here… this time he live-streamed an action of the Hungarian police and the Counter Terrorism Center as they arrested a prison escapee.

Wait, what?!?!  Let’s watch the news video here:

A man closed himself in and made a barricade in a downtown apartment on Budapest’s Deák Ferenc street. He didn’t want to go back to prison, so when the police arrived on the scene, he wouldn’t let them in. During the long procedure of (re)arresting, the escapee climbed out onto the window of the apartment and threatened to commit suicide.

The police had an almost four long operation that night. In the end, they blasted the door and arrested the man.

The famous American actor, Jamie Foxx captured the “live action scene” from his hotel room, and streamed to his fans on his social media portal.