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Liszt Chamber Orchestra Announces Long-Term Artistic, Business Plan

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.02.09.

Hungary’s celebrated Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra has developed a long-term artistic and business plan, aiming to find a foothold as a market player and to draw a diverse audience, the orchestra’s directors said on Tuesday.

Judit Körmendy-Ékes, the head of the orchestra’s board, told an online press conference that the orchestra will use state funding to lay the groundwork to become a market player. “It’s not enough for an orchestra to simply provide a high artistic standard; it must also operate as a professional market player.”

Concert cellist István Várdai, who is the orchestra’s artistic director, said the group is planning to perform transcripts, new pieces by contemporary composers and to cooperate with other artistic disciplines to “have the music reach as many people as possible”.

The orchestra will perform concerts on three continents over the coming three years, Várdai said.

On March 10, the Liszt Chamber Orchestra will give a free online concert from Budapest’s Liszt Academy.

Featured photo via lfkz.hu