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Hungarian String Music Traditions, Lipizzaner Husbandry Submitted for World Heritage Title

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.04.08.

The husbandry of Lipizzaner horses and Hungarian string music traditions have been submitted for the title of intangible world cultural heritage.

The submissions will be evaluated in December 2021, the Szentendre Open-Air Museum, which oversees Hungarian applications, said on Tuesday.

The husbandry of Lipizzaner horses, first bred under the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, has been submitted by Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, the countries currently breeding Lipizzaners, the museum said.

Szentendre Awarded European Heritage Label by European Commission

Hungarian string folk music, which have been the cornerstone of Hungarian musical traditions for centuries, was submitted by Hungary alone. Traditional string music has been strengthened by the dance house movement starting in the 1970s and by accredited education, and continues to be a “lifestyle for folk musicians in Hungary”, it said.

In the featured photo illustration: violinist Tádé Csapodi. Photo by Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI