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The Line Up Of The First Transylvanian And Hungarian Cultural Festival Of The UK

By Robert Velkey // 2017.03.30.

Góbé fest, the first Transylvanian and Hungarian cultural festival will be held this summer in the UK. “I want to show the UK that there’s more to Hungarians than paprika and more to Transylvania than Dracula,” says Ottilia Ördög, organiser of the festival of arts and culture to be held on 13-14 May 2017.

In the line up of the festival we can find very colorful list of performers. Musicians travelling to Manchester from Transylvania and Hungary cover many styles, from folk right through to classical, jazz, rock and world music. They include hurdy gurdy maestro and renaissance music expert Robert Mandel ,the Mátyás Király Zither Ensemble, who are all still at school,  pop trio Saverne, Transylmania, an eight piece folk rock band who have played together for 15 years and Folktone band.

Let us to introduce the performers of UK’s first Transylvanian Hungarian festival of arts and culture.

Góba Band: The Góbé Band remains somewhere in the middle between traditional music and contemporary, pop music. Its members are clearly inspired by the great tradition of local music, but they also strive to add their own ideas to it.

Ildikó Keresztes: Góbéfest is honoured to showcase award winning Hungarian celebrity and well known popstar Ildikó Keresztes in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Jazzation: What sets Jazzation apart from other acapella groups? The fact that authentic jazz music performed vocally is their main profile, and not just a sideline? Their unique stage presence, balancing perfectly between two great gentlemen and three lovely ladies? Or their continuous mission to spread the love of acappella, wherever they are in the world? The answer is, of course, both ALL and NONE of the above. 

Folktone Band: Members of the Folktone band started to play together in 2013. They all grew up and got their musical education in Hungary and Serbia, then found a new home in the UK. Their wide range of repertoire, versatile activities, hunger for musical challenge and adventure allows them to perform all around the UK and abroad as well.

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