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Ambulance Service’s New Free App Makes Emergency Calls Faster and More Precise

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.01.24.

The national ambulance service OMSZ, has launched Életmentő (Lifesaver), a new mobile phone app with the help of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation to make emergency calls faster and more efficient.

The free ÉletMentő app, available for Android and iOS operating systems, makes emergency calls simpler, as it immediately transfers data about the caller. The user’s health data can be uploaded in the app for later retrieval, which becomes instantly available to emergency responders.

The other great thing is that the app also provides a precise GPS location, making it easier for an ambulance to arrive at the place of emergency in time. This function is especially important in situations in which an injured person becomes unconscious after the emergency call.

The software developed by the Medical Information Technologies has several useful additional features: thanks to its POI database, the app also shows the user nearby pharmacies, hospitals, defibrillators, and provides a quick first-aid guide.

Its icon-based design makes it easy to use even for someone who doesn’t speak Hungarian.

The app is also available in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia and now has more than a million registered users.

The app can be downloaded for Android users by clicking here, and IOS users by clicking here.

Featured photo by Márton Mónus/MTI