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Liberty Bridge Replica Built on New Chinese Tech Campus

Fanni Kaszás 2019.01.17.

Huawei, one of China’s largest technology giants, is building a new campus in Dongguan which will consist of 12 smaller ‘towns’ modeled after several European cities (including Paris and Granada) and a replica of Budapest’s Liberty Bridge.

News portal CNBC took a tour of the nine square kilometer site, which can house up to 25,000 employees. So far, only eight of the 12 towns modeled after European cities—including London, Paris and Prague—are complete. The Chinese technology center also includes a Hungarian site. The new campus is so large that employees must use a tram to move between the different locations. Near a lake between two parts of the campus, the tram crosses a bridge modeled after Hungary’s Liberty Bridge.

VEKE shared photos of the bridge on their Facebook page:

You can see more pictures and videos from CNBC’s tour of Huawei’s new campus here.

via cnbc.com, 24.hu