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Liberty Of The Bridge Is Ended – The Summer Of The Liberty Bridge In Pictures

Robert Velkey 2016.08.29.

On the Summer of 2016 the Liberty Bridge was closed for motoric traffic until the renovation works finished at the Szent Gellért tér, so there were not passing cars and no passing trams. The youth of Budapest took the opportunity and transformed the bridge to the “coolest” place of the Hungarian capital this summer… and the “bridgenics” became a daily happening on the Liberty Bridge.



After the first totally spontaneous action, there were planned and organized events such as barbecue parties, joga mornings, concerts and engaging ceremonies too. The pictures tells more about Budapest’s best place on the summer of 2016…








At the end of the summer, on the 28th of August the brdige reopened for the traffic. We will miss the freedom on the Liberty Brdige…thanks for this summer, thanks for the renovations…

via: 444.hu;

photos: 444.hu / Dániel Ács&Péter Oláh; mno.hu / Péter Máté

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