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Liberals Ask Election Committee for Help with Cannabis Referendum

Hungary Today 2018.07.10.

The Liberal Party has asked individual members of the National Election Committee (NVB) for their assistance in preparing a referendum question concerning the legalisation of cannabis use in Hungary.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Liberal deputy leader Ádám Sermer noted that the NVB had thwarted their referendum initiatives on the subject on six previous occasions. Sermer said that “the committee as a body cannot provide such assistance to proponents but members can”, and voiced hope that an initiative prepared this way would not be rejected.

“The job of the NVB is not to approve questions that the government likes and thwart ones that the government dislikes,” Sermer said. The committee should ensure that voters can express their opinion on important issues, he said.


via MTI

featured image: Ádám Sermer; via MTI