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Let Art Live With Us – Hungarian Writer’s Books On The Wall


The titles of Gyula Krúdy’s famous writings shine on the wall of a house on Budapest’s Tanuló street.

The wall was transformed into a painted book-shelf with the titles of Szindbád, Álmoskönyv and Az Aranybánya to remind us of the importance of reading, and of the great Hungarian writer Krúdy. The mural was painted on 350 square meter wall in on the rectory building of the Church of Óbuda.

The project was an initiative of the Színes Város (Colorful City) non-profit organization. The Colorful City is the first association which paints public spaces. The civil based project has formed itself to be a movement from the very beginning, because coloring up public spaces in a legal way was unheard before 2008, when the Colorful City Project was launched. The basic idea is built on Victor Vasarely’s Colorful City concept, published in 1983; the bottom line is for art to set foot on the streets and in public spaces, that people should not only meet with fine art pieces in galleries.

Additional “fun fact”: The hero of Krudy’s book, Szindbád, was a regular guest at the restaurant of the main square of Óbuda, not far from where the mural is located.

Here you can see how the association brought art into the public square: