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Let It Snow, The Winter Is Here! Photo Gallery About The Frozen World Of The Lake Balaton

Robert Velkey 2017.01.03.

Although, the Lake Balaton is flooded with people and visitors at summer time, but it shines like a frozen wonderland when it is winter. Without feel cold we can take a walk at the icy lake thanks for the photo gallery of Dániel Harcz. Join us and have a look at the amazing world of the largest lake of Central Europe at winter time.

*Editors suggestion: By the way for the real feeling start this song before you start to watch the photo-collection.








The whiteness conquered the Hármashatár-hegy (Three Border Mountain) of the Hungarian capital also, in Budapest. Let’s have a look at this magic from the sky by this drone-video.

via: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu;

photos: Dániel Harcz