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Lemony Hungarian Fashion Fits Well To Beyoncé At Hawaii

Robert Velkey 2016.06.21.

To be honest it is a real world-success. The world-star American singer Beyoncé is wearing the Hungarian company made dresses during her holiday at Hawaii.

Ádám Baranyi the designer of Sugarbird lately told; Beyoncé’s stylist asked him for the lemon designed dresses of his works from the spring-summer collection of 2016. Of course it was not accidental as the Queen Bey’s latest album is titled to Lemonade.


The diva and Jay Z travelled to Hawaii for a family holiday. This was a perfect time for Beyoncé to try the lemony clothes of Amore Primavera collection.

The famous singer might really like the lemony diadems and earrings of the Hungarian designer team because she posted to Instagram too.

The Hungarian model Regina Dukai also shared a picture when she wears the same dress as the Queen Bey.

via: glamouronline.hu;

photos: glamouronline.hu; beyonce.com