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Left-wing Lawyer-Politician Indicted for Tax Fraud

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.04.

The Csongrád County Prosecutor’s office on Monday indicted left-wing politician and lawyer Csaba Czeglédy for tax fraud to the tune of six billion forints (EUR 18.9m).

Czeglédy and twenty others were charged with operating a network for fraudulent invoicing in connection with student employment company Human Operator between 2011 and 2017. Nine of the accused have entered a plea deal with the authorities, the prosecutor’s office said.

Czeglédy was earlier charged with financial fraud and forgery of public documents. He was put in pre-trial detention in July 2017 which was changed to house arrest in December 2018.

Czeglédy was a local government representative in Szombathely, in western Hungary, representing Éljen Szombathely-Socialists-DK-Együtt. He also worked as a lawyer for the Democratic Coalition (DK) party and the Socialists.

Fidesz: the opposition is full of corruption issues

Ruling Fidesz lawmaker Gyula Budai said that the indictment was proof that “the opposition is full of corruption issues” and “the Socialists are still covering up for” Czeglédy.

Budai told MTI that he was still waiting for a response from DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány about what “dirty work” Czeglédy had done for them and for Altus, a company owned by Gyurcsány’s wife. Neither has a response been forthcoming as to who received the 6.2 billion forints which, Budai said, had ended up in the party coffers of the Socialists and DK, funding their various campaigns.

Czeglédy may know some secrets which could sully Gyurcsány, his party and the Socialists if they were revealed, the Fidesz lawmaker added.

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