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Left-Wing Parties Give Migrant Referendum The Middle Finger In Joint Campaign


Three small left-wing opposition parties have joined forces to mount a billboard campaign calling on the Hungarian electorate to boycott the government-initiated referendum on the EU’s planned compulsory refugee quota system, scheduled for 2 October.

The joint campaign of the left-liberal Együtt, the green-left PM and the extraparliamentary MoMa, which claims to have a “conservative” agenda but shares a platform with the Left, is to be ran on a HUF 20m budget and features a couple flashing an obscene fingure gesture at a television screen with the inscriptions “This is the answer to a stupid question!” and “Staying at home means voting for Europe.”.

Budapest, 2016. szeptember 1. Juhász Péter, az Együtt - a Korszakváltók Pártjának alelnöke, Szigetvári Viktor, az Együtt elnöke, Karácsony Gergely, a Párbeszéd Magyarországért (PM) társelnöke és Bokros Lajos, a Modern Magyarország Mozgalom (MoMa) elnöke (b-j) a népszavazási kampányról tartott sajtótájékoztatón a budapesti Kossuth téren 2016. szeptember 1-jén. A három párt közös plakátkampánnyal próbálja rávenni a választókat, hogy bojkottálják az október 2-ai népszavazást. MTI Fotó: Marjai János

(L-R) Együtt politicians Péter Juhász and Viktor Szigetvári, PM co-chairman Gergely Karácsony and MoMa leader Lajos Bokros (photo: János Marjai/MTI)

Speaking at a press conference in front of Parliament on Thursday, former Socialist finance minister Lajos Bokros, leader of the minor Movement for a Modern Hungary (MoMa) party, called upon supporters of the three parties to boycott the referendum because “this is the answer to a stupid question, there is no good answer to a sordid question”. Neither a “No” nor a “Yes” vote is appropriate because the EU does not intend to resettle illegal immigrants to any member state but merely request countries to perform their contractual duties in temporarily receiving refugees”, he said.

Együtt leader Viktor Szigetvári said that his party joined the campaign because they are “disgusted by what Viktor Orbán is doing to this country”. The Prime Minister is lying on Europe and pursuing an anti-EU campaign, he added. Gergely Karácsony, co-chairman of the Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party, branded the referendum “one of the biggest political scam of past decades” and claimed that its only objective is to “stir up fears within people” and distract attention from corruption.

The three parties also said that they are launching a fundraising effort to finance their campaign.

photo: Gergő Tóth/