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Leaked Footage of Local Socialist Representative with Bag of White Powder Talking about Corruption

Hungary Today 2019.10.08.

Recent video and audio recordings reveal the local opposition Socialist representative in Kispest (Budapest district 19), talking about local corruption issues and holding a bag containing some kind of white powder.

The footage acquired by pro-government daily news channel Hír TV shows Csaba Lackner, a local Socialist government representative in Kispest, who’s running in the 7th constituency, holding a bag of white powder (presumably cocaine) in front of a fan and then arranging it in lines on the table with a credit card.

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The socialist politician also states in an audio recording that “some in local politics say that anyone who does not earn at least a hundred million forints a year in local government politics, must be stupid.”

He later adds that “And it is also true that whoever is smart does not really have to take the money from the budget but enter into contracts with people whose businesses bring something back.”

Additionally, he makes serious allegations about his fellow Socialist municipal councilor Krisztián Kránitz.  Lackner says the district borrowed 1.2 billion HUF last year while it had nearly 800 million in reserves and it “all went through” Kránitz, thus his estimated wealth is between 200 and 250 million forints.

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According to documents obtained by Magyar Nemzet, with this money the Socialist politician bought, among other things, a villa in Spain.

On the audio recording, he also mentions Socialist mayor Péter Gajda’s accumulation of wealth, stating that he “also made good money trickled down from external contractors.”

News site Index asked Csaba Lackner about the recordings, who said he was surprised as it was the first time he had heard about this. He did not remember ever saying such things and he denied ever using cocaine.

Kispest mayor Péter Gajda also responded briefly.

“The usual libel and mudslinging has started,”  said the politician. “We’re trying to survive this week and show everyone what we’ve done so far for the district and what we want to do in the future,” he added.

During the campaign season of this year’s local elections, leaking compromising recordings of political opponents has been a rather popular tactic in Hungary.

Featured photo via Facebook/Csaba Lackner

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