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Leading News Outlet Index’s New CEO Resigns After Several Days

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.06.30.

Index.hu Inc., the owner of Hungary’s most popular news site, will continue to operate without a CEO, as newly elected Zsolt Ződi resigned after only a week.

According to Szabolcs Dull, the editor-in-chief of Index,  the portal’s staff was informed at the same time as the rest of the Hungarian press.

“These developments happened above our heads, the staff has no say or influence in these matters,” Dull emphasized.

‘Index,’ Hungary’s Leading News Outlet Scared of Losing Independence

László Bodolai, the chairman of the Foundation for Hungarian Progress that owns Index.hu Inc. released a statement: “Despite being without a CEO, Index will continue to operate efficiently,” he noted, adding that “I feel sorry that my friend Zsolt has resigned, but I thank him for indicating in the beginning that he is unable to perform the duties associated with the position. Regarding the financial situation of Index.hu Inc., I can say that we are trying to find a lasting solution to the existing cash-flow problem as soon as possible, but I would also like to note that this does not affect the daily operation of Index, or the independent content creation of the magazine.”

Zsolt Ződi has decided to step down effective on 30 June. He stated the reason for his departure: “After I familiarized myself with the financial situation of the company, I reached the conclusion that carrying out the required changes in such a large organization is a task way beyond me. I’m sorry if I put my friend László Bodolai in a tough situation.”

Ződi was appointed CEO of Index last week, immediately after the resignation of András Pusztay.

Pusztay stepped down shortly after a proposal to reshape the operation of Index according to which the columns of the outlet would be outsourced to external companies. The staff feared the changes would bring attempts to influence the online media outlet’s editorial policy and content and announced its editorial independence is in danger.

The board membership of Index’s editor-in-chief was later terminated, after information from the board meeting was leaked to liberal news site 24.hu. He has not yet been relieved of his post as editor-in-chief, however.

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