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László Trócsányi: the Government Will Resolve the Matter of Full Life Imprisonment until Year’s End

admin 2014.06.17.

Minister of Justice László Trócsányi thinks that the government will resolve the situation related to the penalty of full life imprisonment “in some form” until the end of the year. The minister stated that the European Court of Human Rights builds upon case-law, but he believes the Court’s decision was one-sided. The body in Strasbourg failed to examine that the constitution includes a clemency system besides “tough criminal policy”, and these two need to be weighed together to form a basis for passing the verdict about a country, he explained.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled against Hungary in its first instance verdict published on May 20, in the matter of the full life imprisonment, which means that the option for revision is ruled out.

Photo via Béla Nagy, Magyar Nemzet