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László Kövér on Kurultáj: Hungary will Never Forget its Eastern Origins

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.08.13.

Twenty-seven ethnic groups from twelve countries participated in the Kurultáj Tribal Assembly of the Hun-Turkic People – a biannual meeting of people of nomadic origin from the Central Asian steppe – held in Bugac, Hungary.

The meeting held last weekend celebrated ancient traditions. House Speaker László Kövér stated that the spirit of the Hungarian people originates in the East as they brought the old word for soul (lélek) with them from their ancient Asian land, proving that Hungarians are the westernmost people of the East who will never forget their origins.

While discussing the deadly warfare of the Huns, Kövér also mentioned the conflicts of today; although modern wars aren’t as spectacular as the storm of arrows, they can be just as devastating.

In his speech, Kövér touched on the damaging tactics used in battles, “When someone’s homeland is ransacked and overtaken, the invader first attacks the person’s consciousness; they go after the individual’s national, religious, and gender identity until they can no longer remember who they are and where they belong.”

One of the Stages at Kurultáj. Photo: Sándor Ujvári/ MTI

The Speaker of The House also noted that “we can defend ourselves against such warfare by strengthening our souls and willpower; this is the only way to preserve our identity and the ability to choose our way of life. To achieve this state along with economic and political autonomy, we need cultural self-determination.”

Kövér said Kurultáj sent the message that millions of Hungarians expect the support of state and scholarly institutions to ensure Hungarian cultural self-determination in the 21st century.

Visitors were able to view the unique traditions of nearly 400 groups. The first Kurultáj was held ten years ago and has since become the most significant cultural event of its kind.

Featured photo by Sándor Ujvári/MTI

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