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Langos And Burger? – Try “Deep Fried Burger” At Korzo In Brooklyn, NY – Video!

Robert Velkey 2016.11.02.

Do you like Langos? Of course, who doesn’t like that? What about burgers… of course everybody loves burgers. Now, imagine the perfect mixture and the amazing taste of these two delicious meals together.

If you like to discover “gastronomic inventions” you have to visit the Korzo in Brooklyn, New York, and ask for the Deep Fried Burger. By the way Korzo’s husband-and-wife duo stay true to their Eastern European roots by dishing up Slovak-inspired comfort foods like fried burgers. Try the Slav: a brisket-short rib patty that’s topped with beer-braised pork, sheep cheese and juniper berry-studded sauerkraut, then enveloped in Hungarian langos dough and fried.

Langos, the Hungarian fried bread is made according to Maria’s four generation old family recipe, making it unforgettably different from the basic Mittle European street version. Otto makes the Korzo Mustard in the house from organic Saskatchewan seeds soaked in Korzo Organic Ale (which he brews in cooperation with Peak Organic Brewing Company). The Korzo Burger gets a tender layer of that mustard, along with apple-smoked organic bacon — all of which are wrapped in the Langos dough and deep fried.

If you get hungry for some Eastern European food, Slovakian and Hungarian taste don’t hesitate to try Korzo’s Deep Fried Burger at 667 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215.