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A Lake That Never Freezes at Hungary’s “Thailand”? – A Bird’s-Eye View of The Lake Of Bokod

Robert Velkey 2017.06.21.

Do you think industrial landscapes can be only ugly and disgusting? Well, have a look at this:

There is a little town that looks like a spaceport on the water. This Hungarian village, built on stilts, is located in a lake that never freezes over due to the power plant that that uses it as a cooling pond.

The year-round liquidity of the lake is due to the power plant that dominates its skyline. To tell the truth, the lake of Bokod is actually a cooling pond for the plant. The water is continuously circulated — cool water into the plant, warm water out — so it keeps the surface from fully freezing. If you’re looking for fish in the wintertime, not having to cut through ice is a plus. And since the houses sit directly over the water, your catch is never more than a front porch away. It is undeniably a cool place, have a look at this little, hidden wonderland from up in the sky:

This place is also known as the “Hungarian Thailand” because of its rustic cabins and fishermen’s houses. The lake had its 15 minutes of fame in 2014, when a moody photo of the cabins, rising out of a blue mist, was used by Bing on one of their search pages. Before that, few people other than the locals and dedicated fishermen were aware of the picturesque spot.

So where then can this Hungarian Thailand, Bokod, be found?