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Lake Balaton Through the Years – Photo Album

Fanni Kaszás 2019.06.07.

Anyone who has ever spent at least a weekend at Lake Balaton knows that no trip to the “Hungarian sea” is complete without a taste of some of the retro vibes that are in, some ways remnants of the Communist era: this “feeling” is perhaps most strongly expressed through the food and drink sold by lake-side stands, including the fried hake, Traubisoda, and ice cream. But what was the Balaton like around the turn of the century, or during and after the World Wars? How did the youth of the past party at the iconic Hungarian vacation place? We have compiled a photo album of the most interesting archive pictures of Fortepan of Lake Balaton. 


1908, Keszthely with the Hotel Balaton

1912, Balatonalmádi

1923, Balatonalmádi beach

1930, Siófok port

1941, Badacsony, Kisfaludy house

1943, Keszthely beach

1943, Siófok beach

1956, Keszthely

1964, Balatonföldvár

1973, Balatonfüred port

1973, Nightlife in Balatonfüred



1982, Balatonfüred. New Wave Band Festival on August 7th at the production hall of the Balatonfüred Hungarian Ship and Crane Factory

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